Do you have space to think?

We wanted to give you time away from all the outside noise. A place where you can think deeply about the questions on your mind.

Norn introduces you to two people to discuss a single idea for one hour in a thoughtful space — in airplane mode. You will hear fascinating stories and get to challenge how you think.

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Get perspective
Three strangers

Do you feel frustrated when you’re with an incredible group but only talking about holidays and housing?

Norn introduces you to new people for honest and open conversations. Examine, compare and exchange ways of life — and ultimately, get perspective.

Hearing other stories and opinions unlocks realizations about myself” — Jessica, London


Challenge yourself
10 questions

Books, podcasts and TED talks are great for inspiration. But how do you truly challenge yourself?

Norn conversations include 10 thought-provoking questions only you can answer. Listen, think and reflect in a space that genuinely challenges you.

What would Plato have made of it?” — The Economist


Think deeper
One hour

We communicate all day — talking and typing. Yet moments of deep thought are surprisingly rare.

Norn makes it easy. Choose topics that move you — then start your timer when you join the conversation. It takes just one hour of focus to unlock deep thinking.

I want to go deeper, not only scratch the surface” — Adam, Berlin


Connect offline
Thoughtful spaces

We’ve all been there — a noisy bar with bright lights and loud music. You have to repeat yourself to be heard. It’s impossible to have a real conversation.

Norn takes you to thoughtful spaces that feel like home. You won’t have to shout. You won’t be distracted. Connect offline in the perfect state of mind.

Explore the world verbally, not onlineMonocle


Focus your mind
Airplane mode

You’re in the middle of a great conversation — but your phone buzzes every few minutes. Are you really listening or is your mind elsewhere?

Norn conversations happen with your phone in airplane mode — the simplest way to focus your mind.

I’m not thinking about that WhatsApp chat I’m missing out on” — The Times


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