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Norn is a new way to challenge your perspective in a series of one hour conversations—in real life. You'll question aspects of yourself and change how you see the world.

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52 ideas

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How it works

1 hour

Focus your mind

3 people

Expand your point of view

4 questions

Challenge yourself


Design your journey
1 year. 52 ideas.

Life is complicated. It can't be understood in one evening or explained with a single idea.

With Norn, you can explore 52 ideas in a year. You’ll question aspects of yourself with people who share your curiosity—and get perspectives that change how you see the world.

Explore the world verbally, not online” — Monocle


Think deeper
1 hour

You’re busy all day—talking and typing. Moments of deep thought are surprisingly rare.

Norn makes it easy. We design each conversation to last one hour—once a week. You’ll have a regular hour to think deeper about fascinating ideas.

I want to go deeper, not only scratch the surface” — Adam, London


Expand your perspective
3 people

Do you feel limited when you’re with your friends but only talking about work and travel?

Norn introduces you to thoughtful people to discuss ideas. Examine, compare and exchange ways of life—and ultimately, get perspective.

Hearing other stories and opinions unlocks realizations about myself” — Jessica, Berlin


Challenge yourself
4 questions

Books, podcasts and TED talks are great for inspiration. But how do you truly challenge yourself?

Norn conversations include four thought-provoking questions only you can answer. Explore fascinating ideas in a space that genuinely challenges you.

What would Plato have made of it?” — The Economist


Express your curiosity

Intimate spaces

You're in a noisy bar with bright lights and loud music. It’s impossible to have a real conversation.

We’ll take you to our favourite spaces—underground bars, cafes, galleries and studios. You won’t have to shout. You won’t be distracted. Express your curiosity in intimate spaces that feel like home.

"A time away from all the outside noise" — Bruce, Berlin


Connect authentically
No profiles. 100% offline.

Online profiles and photos can warp how people see you—and how you perceive them.

Norn introduces you on a first name basis in real life. You can be yourself—the unfiltered version—and compare your lives outside of social stereotypes. Connect authentically with no profiles and 100% offline.

"It's so refreshing to meet people who haven't Googled me already" — Monica, London


Focus your mind
Airplane mode

You’re in the middle of a great conversation—but your phone buzzes every few minutes. Are you really listening or is your mind elsewhere?

Norn conversations happen with your phone in airplane mode—the simplest way to focus your mind.

I’m not thinking about that WhatsApp chat I’m missing out on” — The Times


Travel meaningfully
3 cities

Have you travelled to another city and been curious to understand how locals view the world?

Norn conversations happen in Berlin, London and San Francisco—and you can be part of them all. Travel meaningfully and plug into the local zeitgeist.

A new world of wandering” — Vogue


Start your journey

Think deeper in a year of fascinating conversations.

✓ 1 year of unlimited access
✓ 52 conversations
✓ 100% offline
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Why Norn

People join Norn with a single question that drives them. What's yours?