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“It feels like something I dreamt up.”

“Norn has become a very special part of my life.”

“I have had some of the rawest conversations at Norn - more so than I have with some of my closest friends.”

“Norn evenings have become precious little cornerstones in my schedule. They feel like a special moment in the week to let my mind relax and be triggered at the same time.”



What modern myths do you choose to believe?



Why is it celebrated and shameful to be inebriated?



When have you used art to communicate with another person?



Which group has most influenced your thinking and behaviour?



How does your perception shape what you believe to be true?



What is your relationship to where you were born?



How does wealth differentiate us?



What makes you less or more free?


“I felt exhilarated and overwhelmed.” — GQ

“Explore the world verbally, not online.” — Monocle

“What would Plato have made of it?” — The Economist

“Norn is not an aspirational fantasy.” — The Financial Times

“You know the feeling you get after you have a good conversation?” — Cee Cee Berlin


Do you have space to think?