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Where curious minds meet

Norn host salon discussions and conversation dinners in Berlin and London.

Do you make space to ask yourself expansive questions, connect deeply with others or just reflect on what matters most to you?

Some of the most significant aspects of life are rarely discussed. Norn hosts in-person discussions that explore personal ideas such as consciousness, indulgence, mortality, status, and transformation.

Inspired by the French Enlightenment and developed at Stanford University, we pose meaningful questions in small groups every week.

Our team of creative producers - including an opera singer, a philosopher and a diplomat - hosts honest and thoughtful conversations in Berlin and London.

Each small group immerses you in alternative perspectives to reflect on your values and express how you genuinely feel.


A movement toward better conversations

Explore the people, stories, and ideas emerging from Norn’s conversations in cities around the world.

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How would your life change if you had more meaningful conversations?

Norn members ask great questions and start discussions that matter.