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July and August
Hayes Valley, San Francisco

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July and August
Hayes Valley, San Francisco

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Tue 2 July | 7pm
Sat 6 July | 2pm

How did it feel to leave your last home? Do you oscillate between a need to escape and a desire to return to it? Moreover, what is the deeper purpose of this space where we eat, sleep, cook, work, drink, dream and die? This conversation will unravel your past and present relationship to home, and invite you to imagine the home of the future.


Being Foreign

Tue 9 July | 7pm
Sat 13 July | 2pm

Are you an alien? Do you chase the thrill of being a foreigner? Some say the displacement, anxiety and disorientation of exile can be a welcome tonic to the banality of home. As a foreigner you can reinvent yourself. You won’t be judged by your class, education, work, family or accent. But is choosing foreignness an act of disloyalty to one’s native country? This conversation will explore the dilemma of foreignness – the pleasures of freedom versus the pleasures of belonging.



Tue 16 July | 7pm
Sat 20 July | 2pm

What is your breaking point? Have you ever pushed yourself to the edge? Limits are all around us; the body at exhaustion, the edge of the mind’s faculties, society’s laws and conventions. Can pushing at these boundaries reveal your true character and transform you? This conversation will explore what happens at your absolute limits and dare you to imagine the consequences of breaking them.



Tue 23 July | 7pm
Sat 27 July | 2pm

Do you dream of riches? Is your perception of wealth dictated by your position in the system? Most of us aspire to accumulate vast pots of wealth, yet our experience of this unquenchable relationship often goes unexamined. This conversation will challenge how you think about wealth and invite you to imagine a world without money.



Tue 30 July | 7pm
Sat 3 August | 2pm

Would you like a drink? Why is it celebrated and shameful to be inebriated? Ernest Hemingway wrote “Modern life is often a mechanical oppression, and liquor is the only mechanical relief.” But where can your mind be transported through the magic of ayahuasca, alcohol and narcotics? This conversation will invite you to consider why we seek inebriation and which intoxicants you would legalise.



Tue 6 August | 7pm
Sat 10 August | 2pm

When will your life end? Can you fathom your departure from the world? The Victorians believed a stark reminder of mortality, such as a skeleton on a stretcher paraded during a dinner party, could dissolve material desires and cultivate your spiritual beliefs. This conversation will explore your own relationship with death and how you will face it when the time comes.


The Sea

Tue 13 August | 7pm
Sat 17 August | 2pm

What is so enticing about the sea? In a city surrounded by water, how do you experience the ocean? Some regard the sea as impenetrable and heartless. Others view it with endless fascination, transfixed by its undulating form. This conversation will explore what the sea means to you and how it can be a metaphor for your life.


The Future

Tue 20 August | 7pm
Sat 24 August | 2pm

Does it excite or frighten you to imagine the future? Are you making conservative or risky bets for your own future? We live on a peninsula infatuated with how technology will shape our lives. But what other forces will influence your destiny? Are these within your control? This conversation will explore the predictions you have for the future and how you will adjust when everything changes.



Tue 27 August | 7pm
Sat 31 August | 2pm

Do you have tingles of the transcendent? Are you spiritual but not religious? Almost half of us feel a sense of a larger purpose in life. But when do these serene moments occur for you? Can you unlock the sublime via Burning Man, yoga, drugs, chakra charts, indigo auras, psychedelic paintings, crystals, candles, ambient music and dream catchers? This conversation will seek to illuminate the truth of your spiritual self and its importance (or not) to how you live your life.