Behind every action is a question
A spark of curiosity for something beyond the status quo.
It’s what causes people to leave home
swap lives
and ask ‘why?’

Because questions complicate things.
They step us back from our thoughts and actions
And create space for something new.
Questions help us grow

But adult life doesn’t leave much room for questioning.
We’re all too busy being busy,
Caught up in our own days and ambitions.
To ask where we’re headed
Or how we can learn from those around us

Norn creates space for these questions
For intimate conversations
Exploring ideas
In inspiring spaces

Through encounters in real life
We give everyone a chance to see how the other lives
So we can examine, compare, and exchange ways of life.

This is a reflex away from small talk and selfies
and towards deeper, more thoughtful moments

We believe conversation is the best form of education,
And that curiosity has the power to unlock any idea

The world is full of people looking for answers,
We are for those still asking questions