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We connect thoughtful people for conversations in real life.

You'll get to explore a fascinating idea every week in a one-to-one conversation.

You'll be amazed by what you can discover about yourself.


San Francisco Beta Program

You can be among the first to test Norn in San Francisco this July and August.

Your first conversation is free and you decide the topics you want to explore ✨


Conversations in July

Conversations in August

What do press say?

“I felt exhilarated.” — GQ

“Explore the world verbally, not online.” — Monocle

“What would Plato have made of it?” — The Economist

What do people say?

“It feels like something I dreamt up.” — Margaux, London

“It’s a time away from all the outside noise.” — Bruce, Berlin

“I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to meet someone that hasn’t Googled me” — James, London

“I have had some of the rawest conversations at Norn - more so than I have with some of my closest friends” — Hadden, Berlin