Conversations that stay with you forever.


Enter the true spirit of the French Enlightenment and step into members’ homes for salons and conversation dinners. You’ll be part of a group of 6-8 members who meet twice a month to explore startling ideas. This is your space to question, compose and reshape yourself in the company of others. We unveil topics on the night - past ones include Home, Influence, Personal Values, and Modern Myths.

It’s so great to take the time to discover people, and take a glimpse at their interiority, as well as their interiors.
— Anais, member
It feels a lot more intimate and connected and more akin to a true salon where the same members would meet regularly. I look forward to spending my Tuesdays with them.
— Anonymous member
Norn evenings have already become some precious little cornerstones in my schedule. They feel like a special moment in the week to let my mind relax and be triggered at the same time.
— Anonymous member

Members design salons too.

What are you curious about?


Members frequently design salons based on concepts that inspire them.

Anna, Departures

C.C., Art & Wonder

David, Lunatics

Fabian, Life Moments

Hana and Elianne, A Diary of Food

Jason, Personal Change

Lera, Bring a Question

Mandy, Creativity and Travel

Minahil, Spirit of Berlin

Sun-Mee, Awakening

Tom, Disease and Disorder

Tom, New Wave Clay

Wesley, On Youth


Join us in Berlin and London.

Hundreds of ideas at your fingertips.


Expand your mind in an ongoing salon series, meet a new member in a dialogue, and immerse yourself in a wider spectrum of views in a forum.


Where curious minds meet.