A space to think.

Meet wonderful people. Discuss extraordinary ideas.


Norn is a space where you can have a remarkable conversation. If you value a rich discussion over small talk, and prefer asking questions to giving answers, then you’ll feel at home here. It doesn’t matter if you’re from Sweden or Saudi Arabia, or identify as an introvert or extrovert. All that’s needed is your innate curiosity.

It feels like something I secretly dreamt up.
— Margaux, member
Norn has become a very special part of my life.
— Madush, member

What makes our conversations great?

It starts with a brilliant question.


We draw on philosophical ideas that relate to your life but are rarely discussed - such as commitment, death, gratification, minimalism, home, courage, family, influence, modern masculinity, objects and memories, personal values, status, rituals, the future, and many more.

Once we’ve chosen a topic, we craft four vivid questions into a conversation menu. These questions have to be simple, surprising, open-ended, and speak to you on a personal level. Try a conversation menu below and see where it takes you.


Salon, dialogue and forum.

Three conversations to enrich your mind.


We created three beautiful experiences to bring our conversations to life - salon, dialogue and forum. And we didn’t stop there. We increased the number of conversations you can join from once a month to one a week. So now you can explore what matters to you more often with a small group, in a pair, or alongside an intimate crowd.

I have had some of the rawest conversations at Norn - more so than I have with some of my closest friends.
— Hadden, member
Each salon impacted me on a personal level - I am refreshed and feel more creative and full of new ideas.
— Annerose, member

Join us in Berlin and London.

Hundreds of ideas at your fingertips.


Expand your mind in an ongoing salon series, meet a new member in a dialogue, and immerse yourself in a wider spectrum of views in a forum.


Where curious minds meet.