Personal Values

“It's not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.”

― Roy Disney

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What are your personal values?

This conversation can fundamentally alter how you see yourself and what makes you distinctly you.

Start by taking an exclusive personality test designed at Stanford University. The results will give you an impression of the unique set of values that drive you.

Next, step into a Norn conversation. You will get to deeply explore the origin of your values, why they trigger you, how you express them today, and how you want to pursue them in the future.


1 hour

focus your mind

3 people

expand your point of view

4 questions

challenge how you think


How it works
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a topic that inspires you — we unveil a new one every week.

Match with two people — we introduce you in WhatsApp then confirm a time to talk.

Meet in a thoughtful space for one hour and step through 10 questions — in airplane mode.


How would you use Norn?

“I want to challenge my complacency”

“I use Norn to be around inquisitive people”

“I’m yearning for dynamic dialogue”

“I use Norn to explore ideas, to be challenged and to see the world from different perspectives”

“I'm at the axis of some courageous life changes, and modeling these beside other curious people”

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