Do our dreams reflect waking life? What is your origin? What is an authentic aesthetic sense? How has love changed you? Do some places cultivate authenticity? Are you still in your youth? What is patriotism? When has art heightened your perception? Should there be open borders? When have you had a wondrous experience in nature? Do the forces of our inner worlds determine our destiny? What would you ask for on your deathbed? Is there a relationship between sports and religion? How do you disconnect from everyday thoughts? Is there an underlying question that drives you? What is currently toxic in your life? Should we preserve our cultural roots? What does your handwriting say about you? What does it mean to be a man? How do you respond to failure? Are animals more free than humans? What does the concept of a ‘good life’ mean to you? What is the purpose of modern myths in society? What do you want less of in life? How does wealth differentiate us? When have you been happy this past year? Is anything lost in being present?


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is in the company of others.


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