Become a Norn Founding Member

Membership Details

Host and attend salon discussions, dinner parties, and other conversations with people from around the world. Annual membership is $500 (€430/£380) all inclusive.

Attend a conversation

Members can attend up to one conversation every month in their home city or abroad.

Design a conversation

Members design gatherings in collaboration with Norn to start a conversation that they care about.

Join a partner conversation

Norn partners with brands and nonprofits that share our enthusiasm for in-person exchange. Special partner events may require an additional contribution to attend.

Take a residency

Members have the ability to take a residency in our houses abroad for a month or more for an additional $2,000 per month all inclusive.

A Norn Membership includes

Apply for your Norn Membership

To request an invitation, tell us one question on your mind and we'll invite you to a salon in person. We are currently accepting memberships and residencies in Berlin, London, and Barcelona.