Membership in Berlin and London.

Craft your own journey.


Membership is your passport to meaningful conversations in the company of others. We share personal stories and celebrate counter-intuitive insights that shake up our beliefs. If you actively take part, then these conversations can significantly impact how you think and feel about aspects of your life.

Norn has far exceeded every promise and become a very special part of my life.
— Madush, member
Conversations range from highly conceptual to highly personal, but ultimately, the discussions were revelatory and have caused a shift in my beliefs.
— Anonymous member

What does membership include?

Sublime conversations all year.


You can join a conversation once a week:


What else can I do?

Channel your creativity and curiosity.


Influence the conversation in your own way:

  • Host your salon group in your home.

  • Design conversations on topics that inspire you.

  • Facilitate your salon group and guide the conversation.


How will I remember everything?

Write it down. See into the past.


We’ll give you a ‘one line a day’ journal in which to record your memories, thoughts and feelings inside and outside Norn. This is a brilliant way to capture your experiences and see how you’ve changed over time.


Where do we meet?

Homes, cafes and studios.


Salon groups meet in members’ homes on rotation. You only need space for 6-8 people to sit in a circle.

Dialogues take place around the city in cafes and bars. We choose places that are quiet, cosy and easy to find.

Forums are held in creative spaces - galleries, apartments and studios.


Who are your members?

The ones still asking questions.


Our members are friendly, thoughtful and curious people - no dry intellectuals here. They come from countless countries including Austria, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Mexico, Nigeria, Poland, Russia, the UK and USA. You’ll find that members are interested in who you are and not simply what you do.


How much does membership cost?

Space to think is the ultimate luxury.


- €500 per year.
- €55 per month (€660 per year).

- £500 per year.
- £55 per month (£660 per year).


How do I apply?

Membership in Berlin and London.


You can apply to become a member using the button below. We tend to respond to applications within five days. If you have any questions, then please email us at and say hello.


Where curious minds meet.