A new way to connect offline ✨

Are you one of the 44% of people who deleted Facebook last year?

Norn is for people who want to have conversations — in real life.

Explore provocative ideas over drinks or a dinner. We don’t share profiles of selfies, and we never seek to lecture or preach.

Are you ready for your next great adventure? ⛵️


Follow your curiosity

Ideas every week 💡

We set out to create a way to concentrate and do away with small talk. After hundreds of hours of research, we unveil ideas that give you insights into who you are through conversation:

Influence | Sleep | Ecstasy | Progress | Home | Truth | Freedom | Money | Courage | Myths | Wonder | Memory | The Sea | Limits | The Self | Death | Utopia | Time | Aesthetics
– just to name a few.

Join the ones that speak to you.

       Explore the world verbally, not online.” — Monocle

       What would Plato have made of it?” — The Economist

Think deeply

Captivating “Conversations” 🍻

How might you get more from a moment over coffee or drinks? Hint: it doesn’t involve talking about the weather or your holiday plans.

At Norn, people come together around ideas. Tell us what fascinates you and we’ll introduce you to another person for a conversation at one of our favourite places in the city. 

Over the course of an hour, you’ll be amazed by what you discover about yourself.

I felt exhilarated.” — GQ

A certain kind of magic happens.” — Cee Cee Berlin

Uncover perspectives

“Conversation Dinners” 🍽

Some concepts are best explored over a dinner with four thoughtful people. Step through a three course meal paired with questions and discover perspectives from the table.

By the end of the night we’re laughing like old friends. I’m not thinking about that group WhatsApp chat I’m missing out on.” — The Times

“People offered stories more intimate than those shared between close friends, with an intensity daily conversation tends not to cater for.”— GQ

Insights into yourself

Powered by Conversation Menus 🚀

Norn gets every discussion started with a few great questions. 

Each ‘conversation menu’ steps you back to create space for something new.

It feels like a special moment in the week to let my mind relax and be triggered at the same time.” — Anaïs

Challenge yourself

Designed at Stanford University 🎓

Norn was founded on the principles of Stanford University’s wildly popular Interpersonal Dynamics elective - which has been nicknamed ‘Touchy-Feely’ for its emphasis on human emotion.

It’s as simple as this - people who talk to each other feel happier, more confident and connected.

Hearing other perspectives and experiences unlocks realizations about myself.” — Michael

Meet sharp thinkers

Curious minds 🌍

Don’t let your social circle limit your perspective. Norn brings together people that have a spark of curiosity.

 I met a doctor, a teacher and an engineer, as well as several journalists and freelance film buffs.” — GQ

This is for people who enjoy taking on new perspectives, but can also formulate their own.” — Milena

Discover places

Space to think 💭

We spend too much time in crowded and generic places. Norn takes you to havens imbued with hygge that have a story.

You’ll meet for conversations in cafes, studios, galleries, and private homes – where you’ll always get space to think.

It feels like something I dreamt up.” — Margaux

Focus your mind

Airplane mode ✈️

There’s no multi-tasking at Norn. What might happen if you switched to airplane mode for one hour each week for a conversation?

It’s a time away from all the outside noise.” — Bruce

Meet authentically

No public profiles 📸

We often meet people based on filters and public identities. But no one can Google you before a Norn conversation.

Our private offline dialogues create permission for an honest conversation you might not have with friends or online. Nothing is shareable and there are no strings attached.

I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to meet someone that hasn’t Googled me” — Monika

Travel differently

Berlin and London 🌍

Norn gives people the power to connect in London and Berlin, and has a waitlist to join our private beta phase.

Once you’re in, you can join conversations at home or abroad.

Are you ready?