We are evolving because of you.


Norn began as a space for asking deep questions about life.

In less than a year, we explored more than 70 philosophical ideas in salons and conversation dinners.

But what we had not predicted was how much these conversations would impact the lives of our members.


"Norn has become a very special part of my life."

"I have had some of the rawest conversations at Norn - more so than I have with some of my closest friends."

"Each salon impacted me on a personal level - I am refreshed and feel more creative and full of new ideas."

"Conversations range from highly conceptual to highly personal, but ultimately, the discussions were revelatory and have caused a shift in my beliefs."


Members expressed the meaning of these discussions and actively proposed an abundance of improvements to increase the depth of our time together.

Some of your ideas challenged our strongest beliefs, such as that members should only meet in Norn spaces and that salons should always be facilitated by a Norn-trained salonniere.  Over the course of many months we listened, debated and visualised each of your inventions.

In November, we began a six-week beta program with 30 members in Berlin and London to pilot your most imaginative concepts.  Below is a summary of what we’ve tested so far.


What you requested and what beta testers piloted

"A single evening is too short to get to know other members."

Beta testers joined a consistent group of the same members and plunged into salons together.

"Once a month is not enough! I want to come to Norn more often."

They participated in four salons per month instead of one, including The Self, On Wealth, On Courage and On Nature.

"I would love to explore more ideas that never get discussed."

They experienced every topic in a sequenced programme.

"I would get more out of conversations if I led them – not just participated."

With gentle guidance they facilitated conversations in the role of salonniere.

"Smaller conversations can also be meaningful.  Can we make space for this too?"

They were paired with one member and met in a secret location last weekend for a conversation on Utopia.

"Guests don’t always have the same curiosity as Norn members."

All conversations were for members only.


This week we passed the half-way mark of the beta program and we wanted to share our emerging plans with you.


Where curious minds meet.