Light up a conversation with one other person.


Go into greater depth with one other member in a two-hour dialogue each month in a secret location. We’ll provide you with thoughtful questions that push the boundaries of your discourse, help you connect the dots between your inner and outer worlds, and give you space to explore the ideas evolving from your salons. Topics might include Death, Status, Transformation, and Wonder.

I really loved the questions because they turned a regular Sunday into an extraordinary Sunday.
— Monika, member
I loved the uncertainty of meeting someone new and without any background of who we were, then jumping into a very deep conversation!
— Anonymous member
I don’t think we would have gotten to that sort of topic in a regular casual catch-up, but given this was set up through Norn I think it gives us mental license to just jump into meaty topics.
— Anonymous member

Join us in Berlin and London.

Hundreds of ideas at your fingertips.


Expand your mind in an ongoing salon series, meet a new member in a dialogue, and immerse yourself in a wider spectrum of views in a forum.


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