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Step into a century-old townhouse, previously home to a prominent movie producer who left a lasting mark on the property.


We share our historic Yorckstraße block with vintage shops, music venues, cafes, and the best late snacks in Berlin: Curry 36 and Mustafa’s.


Salon discussions are hosted in the main sitting room which is adorned with art, chandeliers, and Baroque-inspired furniture. It's the perfect backdrop for our many intimate opera performances.


Conversations and dinner parties that will stimulate your mind, challenge your worldview, and introduce you to people from around the world.

Aug 6th


Salon: Death and Digital Immortality

Designed with member in residence Tomas Zagoda.

Aug 9th


Conversation Dinner: Our Values

What are you personal values? Designed by Stanford Professor Scott Bristol.

Aug 19th


Salon: On Modern Masculinity

What is a strong man and what is a weak man? Designed with member James Ferrow.

Aug 28th


Salon: On Metaphors

Does our generation have a shared metaphor for the self? Designed with member in residence Yashka Moore.

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Founding members are the first 50 members in each city. Founding members will shape Norn and what the community stands for. The membership fee will be credited to your first residency abroad