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The villa was originally built in the 1900s for three sisters. Each had their own self-contained “apartment” within the house, two of which remain today. The villa’s foundation is much older, dating back to an ancient Roman Wall built in 4th century AD.


Poble Sec is one of the few remaining areas where locals still dominate the plazas, tapas restaurants (including our favorite Quimet y Quimet), and vermouth bars. Above us sits Montjuïc, home to the Miró Foundation, Poble Espanyol, and a Greek amphitheater.


Originally named Cal Blau, our villa features many outdoor spaces that have 360 degree views of Barcelona. Nearly all year round, Norn salons are hosted in either one of the side terraces or rooftop.


Conversations and dinner parties that will stimulate your mind, challenge your worldview, and introduce you to people from around the world.

Aug 8th


Salon: The Sea, The Sea

How is the sea a metaphor for your life?

Aug 11th


Salon: On Home

What is your relationship to where you were born?

Aug 15th


Conversation Dinner: Personal Passages

Share an extract from a book, poem or song that has shaped your view of the world.

Aug 23rd


Salon: Art and Wonder

When has an experience of art given you a sense of wonder?

Aug 29th


Salon: On Music

What song or piece of music takes you back to an important time in your life? Co-designed with Tam Stojanovic.

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Founding members are the first 50 members in each city. Founding members will shape Norn and what the community stands for. The membership fee will be credited to your first residency abroad