Conversations in Berlin this April:

Cycles and Progress πŸš€ forum

Is your life a series of cycles? Is progress a myth?

Wed 24 Apr, 7.30-10pm

Striving πŸ† dialogue

Where does your drive to succeed come from? What are you striving for?

Sat 6 Apr, 2-3pm

Failure 🀯  salon

What have your failures taught you? When have you seen someone else fail?

Tue 9 Apr, 7.30-10pm

Silence 😢  dialogue

What do you notice in the silence? What is your quietest memory?

Wed 10 Apr, 7-8pm

The Past πŸ¦–  dialogue

What have we lost to the past? Does your past define you?

Wed 17 Apr, 7-8pm

Time β³  salon

Do you have enough time? What is quality time to you?

Tue 23 Apr, 7.30-10pm

Power ⚑️  dialogue

How powerful are you? Who is the most powerful person in your life?

Sat 27 Apr, 2-3pm

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