Norn early 2019 preview.

New conversations to enrich your mind more often.


First, we devised a new journey where you can experience exquisite conversations every week.  Not every month.

Second, we tested your ideas and created three new conversation formats - salon, dialogue and forum.

You can enrol in a salon group and meet in members’ homes fortnightly; join a dialogue with one other member each month; and attend a forum - a monthly storytelling evening for all members.



A twice monthly salon with a consistent group.

Enter the true spirit of the French Enlightenment and step into members’ homes for salons and conversation dinners.

You’ll be part of a group of 8-10 members who meet every two weeks to explore startling ideas.

This is your space to question, compose and reshape yourself at a deeper level in the company of others.


"It’s so great to take the time to discover people, and take a glimpse at their interiority, as well as their interiors."

"It feels a lot more intimate and connected and more akin to a true salon where the same members would meet regularly. I look forward to spending my Tuesdays with them."

"Norn Tuesday evenings have already become some precious little cornerstones in my schedule. They feel like a special moment in the week to let my mind relax and be triggered at the same time."

"I find myself looking forward to every group session, and already thinking: oh, six weeks is too short!"



A monthly discussion with one other member.

Change the pace and dynamic of your Norn conversations each month in a two-hour dialogue with one other member.

Think of it like a two-person salon: we provide you with thoughtful questions that push the boundaries of your discourse, help you connect the dots between your inner and outer worlds, and give you space to explore the ideas evolving from your salons.


"I really loved the questions because they turned a regular Sunday into an extraordinary Sunday."

"I loved the uncertainty of meeting someone new and without any background of who we were, then jumping into a very deep conversation!"

"I don't think we would have gotten to that sort of topic in a regular casual catch-up, but given this was set up through Norn I think it gives us mental license to just jump into meaty topics."

"I really liked the intimacy of it.  It’s easy to chime in every now and then within a big group, but when it’s just 1-2-1 you have to be engaged and open to new ideas."



A monthly storytelling evening for all members.

Immerse yourself in three member-told stories while sitting among up to 50 members from across the city.

These evenings give you space to absorb a series of personal reflections around one question, followed by an open conversation with everyone in the room.

Forum will replace our current monthly salons.


"It was an interesting and special night. I left with WOW in my mind."

"I really enjoyed the format of the meeting, barefoot on yoga mats, with intimate lights."

"The honesty of the [forum] was extremely refreshing. I am inspired to initiate conversations of this nature within my own close circle of friends."


This is our vision for deeper conversations in 2019.


Norn will bring you literally hundreds of richer conversations next year.

Explore and grow your mind in an ongoing salon series, meet new members in a dialogue, and immerse yourself in a wider spectrum of views in a forum.

What will you do with these conversations?  Where do you want them to take you?


Where curious minds meet.